Friday, February 10, 2012

Birdhouse Valentine Box for School...Day 41

Little Pumpkin's preschool class had a Valentine party this week. The kids were allowed to exchange Valentines at school so their homework on Monday was to make a Valentine box. I asked her how she wanted to decorate her box and she was very quick and decisive with her response...a birdhouse.

So, a birdhouse it is...

We started with two boxes, a lightbulb box and a small Amazon delivery box...

I loved listening to her talk through how we could turn the rectangle box into a birdhouse. She had mad reasoning skills :o)
Next, we traced the shape of the house on the scrapbook paper...
Next, modge podge...just saying modge podge makes me happy :o)
All covered!
I then realized I forgot to cut a hole for the bird! Ooops! I used the mouth of a glass to draw he circle...
Probably shouldn't have used my kitchen knife to cup the cardboard...
Yay...a hole for the bird (and more importantly for the Valentine cards!)...
We have a roof! The hot glue gun is a genious invention.
Little Pumpkin has been wanting to use these red balls on something for quite a while...perfect for the birdhouse!
She then decided to write the names of her Valentines on "shingles"
Sweet girl!
Using the cricut to make a bird...and a worm because "the bird needs a friend"
All done!
My favorite part...the shingles :o)

Time to make Valentine treats!
She absolutely LOVED writing nametags for her friends and checking their names off the list...all her idea :o)
Ready to go!

Next up...Sweet Pea!
She is so stinkin' cute!

I made superhero Valentines for Baby Boy's friends...
Found the idea here...and there is a FREE printable!

The kids were SUPER excited to take their Valentines to school this week!

I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not, but Little Pumpkin is Lactose intolerant. It is a recent discovery, but something that has bothered her for years. Anyways, her class had an ice cream party for Valentines. I asked her if she wanted me to bring her another treat to have while her friends had ice cream and...

she said, "No, I am going to have just a little bit of ice cream."
I said, "Sweet girl, you know that will make your belly hurt. Wouldn't you rather I bring you a different treat?"
she said, "No. I know it will make my belly hurt, but if I just eat a little bit, maybe my belly will only hurt a little bit and it's worth it to hurt a little bit because I like ice cream a big bit!"

HAHAHAHAHA! She cracks me up!

For the record, she said it was worth it!
Fun party!


Jason and Erin said...

I'm totally with you, Little Pumpkin. Some things are worth the pain! How mature, though, to make a choice and live with the consequences! We "grown-ups" should be so mature!

AndeMski said...

Have you tried lactaid? I used to be lactose intolerant, and you just chew one of the tablets before eating ice cream, etc. and it worked wonderful! I could eat ice cream and drink milk as much as I wanted! Then one day, I didn't have any more tablets and I decided I would eat ice cream anyways and I didn't get sick! My intolerance was gone!

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute idea!

Your children are adorable and I really enjoyed reading their stories! I found you via the BlogHer link on my blog...and look forward to following you :)