Monday, February 6, 2012

Chick Fil A...Day 6

Day 6 of February's Photo Challenge...Dinner.

My allergies are bugging me today so my sweet boy brought home one of our favorite meals tonight, Chick Fil A, so I wouldn't have to cook!
Sweet boy usually picks up Chick Fil A for us on his way home from work on Wednesday nights since the kids and I don't get home from church until 8. You know when you go to a restaurant a lot when you can drive through the drive thru and all you have to says is one "Arnold meal." Haha!

All of the kiddos had a good day at school!

"Having a good day" is not something I take for granted for my sweet kiddos. This one had a rough week at "school" last week. Learning not to push and kick was a hard lesson for him to learn...but {crossing my fingers} he seems to be past that stage!

This one was excited super excited to rock a "side pony" today!

I can't believe this one will be starting kindergarten in a few months.

This one...
...continues to have such a sweet, sweet spirit. I am constantly amazed at how sweet she is with her sisters and brother. I couldn't ask for a better big sister for this family!


The Clinton Family said...

Miss "side pony" was such a sweet blessing to me today....her sweet smiling face just made my day. I love spending time with her on Mondays :)

The Suri Story said...

Your family just makes me smile! What blessings!