Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daily Life...Day 50

Things have really changed the last few year in regards to taking pictures. Most of us have a good camera, small/take along camera and a cell phone to take pictures. Add in your video camera, computer webcam and your kids' cameras...and things start to seem a bit excessive, huh? Ha! The kids growing up now have to be the most documented children in history. The ones in my house are no exception and for that I am thankful :o) I am also love finding random pictures on my cell phone that I don't remember taking.

Like this one of "Occupy Little Rock." I wonder if they are still camping out downtown...haven't heard anything about them lately.

The following two pictures were taken on a particularly exciting drive through town a month or so ago...

A dancing pizza on one side of the street...
...and a dancing hamburger on the other...
...oh the pure goodness! It reminded me of the Justin Timberlake SNL skit...anyone remember that?

Right before Christmas, we were out driving around neighborhoods, which is a common pastime in our family, and we saw this...
Y'all, the picture DOES NOT do the scene justice. That Godzilla is taller than the HOUSE, which is tall...two stories. I mean, come one, check out Rudolph. I don't know the people that live in this house, but I can assure you, they must be pretty cool :o)

Another sign your child is living in a different world that you grew up in...when she says, "Hey Mama, take a picture of me so I can update my Facebook status since I lost a tooth."

Little of the few children I know that would choose to eat veggies for a snack over Goldfish.
Speaking of Little Pumpkin, I FINALLY got her hair into braids...SO CUTE!

Shopping with four little ones is always an adventure :o) Moms of little ones, I am sure you can relate. Anytime you can get them to sit still for a moment, while you try to pick something out, is golden...
You also must know, anytime you pass a display of pillow pets, you must stop...especially if they are the new, little pillow pets :o)

My sweeties having a Valentine cookie at a friend's Valentine party...

I call this one, "they are lucky they're cute."
After spending the afternoon cleaning their room and changing the linens on their bed, they say, "Mama, can we get a blanket and pillow and watch a movie on the floor in our room?" Of course, I say, "yes." I came back to check on them five minutes later to find this...all of the blankets/sheets/pillows/babies off their bed and a few from the linen closet in the hall.

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