Friday, February 3, 2012

First Concert...Day 34

First things first...February Photo Challenge...Day 3..."Hands."
We have lots of sweet hands around this house :o) I told the kids I wanted to take a picture of their hands and this is what I got...
Only God could orchestrate these eight little hands together. I think it's funny that the kids did not once question why in the world I wanted to take a picture of their hands...haha! I guess they are use to Mama's crazy requests :o)

This evening, hubby took the big girls & I to see Steven Curtis Chapman, Andrew Peterson and Josh Wilson in concert! It was the girls' first concert...aside from Barney, Seasame Street & Dora :o)
I saw SCC in concert when I was in junior high and I have LOVED him ever since! The girls got a big kick out of his little ukulele!
Both girls liked the show, but I think Little Pumpkin LOVED it!
When we got to the concert, Josh Wilson was singing "I Refuse" and Little Pumpkin went crazy! The radio in my car stays on K LOVE so she knew almost all of the songs that were sang tonight. She loved waving her arms around and singing along! It was so sweet!


Unknown said...

Aww! Yay for big concerts! Pumpkin is too cute! And the hands photo, definitely the best one I have seen so far.

Renee said...

LOOOOVING the hand picture!!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!