Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glad to be Home...Day 45

We had a very full day today. Very.

As you may remember, Sunshine wanted to make the exact same "love monster" for her school Valentine box as she did last year....only bigger.

Well, she did make the same love monster...same color....same basic features...

...only this year's love monster was much, much BIGGER!

She had so much stuff to carry into school this morning, Daddy decided to walk her in so he could help. He reported that she definitely had the biggest box! Mission accomplished. Ha!

The little kids and I went to MDO today and we had a super fun day. Lots of Valentine treats and sweet playtime with friends!

After MDO, we went to Sunshine's school to pick her up and deliver her teacher's Valentine gift. She was super excited to give her teacher some pretty pink tulips and a box of chocolates :o) She loves her teacher.
I didn't get to attend her class party, but if the noise level was any indication of the fun level, it was a great party! Ha!

When Sunshine got in the car after school, she said, "I am just so surprised everyone made their Valentine boxes out of little bitty shoe boxes. Why wouldn't everyone want a great, big box? You can't put very much candy in those little boxes. My box can hold lots and lots of candy!" Ha! She is so my child...all about the candy!

Next up...DANCE! The girls are still learning their dance recital dances and it is so fun to watch! I can't wait!

After dance, it was time to head back to church for another Valentine party! Luckily, sweet daddy agreed to help me out in my class so we could spend Valentine together :o) We had our Valentine's dinner with 16 of our favorite three year olds :o) Pretty romantic, huh?

I think we were all happy to get home tonight!

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The Garners said...

What a busy day!

I am LOVING her (GIANT) monster box!!!! So funny!