Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love Notes...Day 42

I am sooooo excited...Valentine's Day is next week! Sunshine and I worked on her school Valentines this morning and we are planning to do her school Valentine mailbox tomorrow. She wants to do the EXACT same box as she did last year...


I did my best to talk her into doing something different, but she is set on doing the "love monster" again. So the "love monster" it is!

The kids were SO excited to find "love notes" on their doors after naptime! This is a tradition I started last week and the I just love seeing the kids' faces light up when the read their notes. I also love seeing them stop and read them over and over throughout the day :o)
You may notice the big girls have more love notes than the little isn't because I love the big girls is because baby boy ATE a couple of his and Sweet Pea's love notes :o( That boy will eat anything!
The kids LOVED the love bugs I made with the cricut...that cricut is AWESOME!

When hubby got off work this afternoon, we went curtain shopping...again :o) I think we have settled on curtains for the living room and office, but unfortuntely one of the patterns is on!

We stopped by Chili' of our favorite spots to eat...for supper and then headed home for baths...super exciting, huh?


Sunshine has been talking about snow non-stop since yesterday...she is convienced we are going to get some this weekend...I hope she is WRONG!

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