Monday, February 27, 2012

Outside...Day 48

Hi! It's been awhile :o)
We have been busy, busy, busy...mostly taking advantage of the AWESOME weather here in Central Arkansas :o)
Most days over the last week have been spent outside...
IMG_3704 far, this has been the best winter ever! Ha!

This little sweetie went back to preschool today...after three days of playing "hookie."
It has hit me hard lately that she will be in school everyday (of the week) next year. I am SO not ready for that!

After school today, we spent the afternoon (and early evening) outside planting bulbs, blowing bubbles, playing with chalk and attacking the leaves :o)
My girls LOVE working in the yard!
We weren't sure how which side of the bulbs were suppose to point up so we alternated the direction of the bulbs :o) Ha! Good thing there were 50+ in the package!

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