Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What We've Been Up Too...

Saturday morning, we made our annual trek to Wye Mountain to enjoy the beautiful daffodils {and of course, take some pictures!}. Unfortunately, because of the warm weather we've had this year, the flowers bloomed early and didn't stay long so there was only a very, very small fraction of the normal bounty. But, given the choice between warm weather and daffodils, I would pick warm weather everytime!

My sweet babies!

If I could freeze them all at this age, I would in a heartbeat.

This one, in particular...
...is growing up WAY too fast!

Since, it was St. Patrick's Day, we came home and made a yummy rainbow snack...
YUMMY fruit, marshmallows, chocolate candies and yogurt dip!

We also made our traditional rainbow cupcakes...
Well, with all of the extra help this year, they turned out a bit more like tye-dye cupcakes, but noone complained :o)

After Daddy got off work, we headed to Home Depot...always an exciting trip for the little ones :o)
We loaded up on lots (and LOTS) of mulch!
The kids had a "ball" playing outside while we put the mulch in the flowerbeds :o)

Yesterday, our first day of Spring Break, we played outside all morning...never gets old! The girls made shadow people out of chalk and made a fancy dance floor with the chalk. They danced the morning away...pure bliss!
After lunch, we set out for what we thought would be a quick trip to get a new belt for Daddy's mower. After about two and a half hours, we finally secured the new belt.
Little Pumpkin said, "Why did Daddy break his old belt? He better be careful with this one, it took too long to get it." Haha! I agree!

This morning, Sunshine decided to do a little sewing...
Daddy was the lucky recipient of a new pillow case when he got home from work :o)

The forecast showed rain for this afternoon and for the next couple days so we decided to head to the zoo for a few hours while it was still sunny. The kids LOVE the penguins!
Since the zoo is only 10 minutes from Daddy's office, he met us for lunch at the zoo! Yay!
Check out my sweet baby's smile...awwwww...can't get enough of that sweet baby!
We all love the beautiful birds!

It was a super fun afternoon....followed by a long afternoon/evening of switching the girls' closets over from winter to spring/summer...my least favorite chore!

This spring break sure has me excited about summer break!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Introducing our Son...

As you know, I decided awhile back not to use the kids' real names on the blog, but for this special occasion I couldn't resist :o)

Introducing Jonah Henderson Arnold...
No longer a foster child, simply OUR child for now and forever more.

In case you missed our court pictures, you can see them here. Such a happy, happy day!!!!!

When we chose our two younger daughters' names, we chose to keep part of their birth names. With Baby Boy, that was not an option...for obvious reasons :o( So, we decided the next best thing would be to give him a name from each side of his forever family. Of course, Arnold from his father's side and Henderson from my side.

We had a busy chore day around the house today...LOTS (and LOTS and LOTS) of laundry, cleaning and a trip to the grocery store. As busy as we were, I did make it a point to fit in some March Madness for Baby Boy :o)
Something tells me that the month of March will involve more than the daffodil festival and spring break in the future :o

Sunshine's school had a rare "free dress" day today. The school usually have a strict dress code. I wish her school didn't have a dress code...I HATE uniforms!
Her class took a field trip to see the daffodils this afternoon. She said she "had a blast running around like crazy!" I totally believe her :o)
She just LOVES life. I hope she always does :o)

And since sister got to choose her clothes for today, the littles did too :o) I thought Sweet Pea's outfit was so fitting to her personality. My sweet little cheerleader at the grocery store :o)

As I was going through Sunshine's backpack, I found this assignment...
She cracks me up!

We got Redbox movies for tonight. Marilyn for us and Puss and Boots (again) for the kids. Have a great night!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adoption Birth Certificate & Beaus...

This morning started out a little hectic...I couldn't find baby boy's left school shoe anywhere! I REALLY dislike looking for things. For that very reason, I have a place for all of the kids' stuff. He had been doing a good job putting his shoes in the shoe drawer by the garage door like his sisters, but I guess he must have gotten distracted yesterday :o) I gave up on the search and stopped by Target on the way and picked him up a new pair of shoes...
He LOVES getting new shoes and clothes :o) {Of course, I found his left shoe within five mintues of getting home this afternoon!}

After I dropped off the babies, I headed to the dentist for a quick visit. Who doesn't love a trip to the dentist? Ha! My next errand was much more exciting...the Department of Health for baby boy's new birth certificate!!! Yayayayayay!
For those of you that haven't adopted and are curious, when you adopt a child, you are issued a birth certificate in their new name with you and your spouse are listed as the parents. There is no mention of adoption or the birth family's information.

Next, I made another stop by Target to pick up some hair serum for a friend of mine.
I just started using this stuff on Sweet Pea's hair and I LOVE IT!!!!!

I finished up my errands (including a super yummy lunch with hubby) a little early so I picked up Little Pumpkin early from preschool and we read books at the church's playground.
I have to share a little funny story about Little Pumpkin. When I went to her class to pick her up, she was playing with a cash register in the play area while the rest of her class was sitting a the table doing an assignment with the teacher. I thought that was kinda odd so I asked her why she was playing during work time. She said, "Oh, I finished my work a long time ago so the teacher said I could go play. That happens all of the time." Haha! Little Stinker!

When I picked up Baby Boy, he headed straight to the preschool director's office to get a sucker. Getting a sucker at the end of the day is pretty much his favorite thing about going to school! Ha! When we went into her office, Baby Boy noticed her television was on (with no sound) and he said, "I like this show" and pretty much was frozen in his tracks, eyes glued to the television. I said, "Hey J, go ahead and pick out a sucker, we need to go." So, he walked to the sucker basket, picked one out, opened it, stuck it in his mouth and then he sat in the middle of the floor facing the television and said, "I like this show." I told him we needed to go and he looked straight at the and said, "Mama, I like this show. I watch it." Haha! Guess what "show it was?" March madness! Yep, basketball! Haha! He is such a boy!

After school, we took advantage of the summer temperatures and played outside for a couple hours! Oh how I am LOVING the weather this year!!!

Little Pumpkin put one of her smaller bows in "Sonja Le's" hair so they could be twinkies :o)

I am SO EXCITED I can finally show you this handsome little man's face!!!!!!!!!
And I can honestly tell you a very important fact about him...HE IS A MESS!!! Ha!

And since we're being honest...so are his sisters!

But I wouldn't change it for anything!

LOVE my babies!

This is a boy that loves to wear his boots :o)

Their new favorite game...airplane on the swings :o)

Our church does a sweet Daddy/Daughter date night called Butterflies and Beaus. It is really a sweet, sweet time for them to share together. Sunshine was super excited about going on a fancy date with her Daddy. I have TONS (AND TONS AND TONS) of pictures to share, but this is already getting a bit long so I will just leave you will a couple :o)

Sunshine's reaction to her daddy bringing her flowers when he picker her up for their date :o)
Pure sweetness!
I sure do love these two!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No More Heart Stickers!!!

This afternoon we went to court to officially make baby boy a permanent member of our family. Whoo hoo! And that means, no more heart stickers on his pictures :o) Yay!

This morning started out with some sweetness courtesy of Sunshine. She brought me a letter to "the judge" she wrote last night after she went to bed :o)
I mean, how sweet is that? She is such a great big sister. I am looking forward to letting Baby Boy read it one day!

We were all very excited that the day to adopt baby boy had finally arrived. The girls talked about it all morning and kept asking if it was "time to go 'dopt' J yet." Both sets of baby boy's grandparents came up for the hearing along with two of his cousins...
The hearing was short and sweet. Hubby and I both "testified" on the stand, along with baby boy :o) Yep, he kinda liked the microphone :o) All in all, the hearing lasted about 10 minutes. We were so thankful it ended with the judge declaring baby boy our son FOREVER!!!
IMG_3744And yes, he is holding the gravel :o)

Today we became a family a SIX...although we have been for 2+ years :o)

After the hearing, we celebrated with yummy yogurt with lots of yummy toppings :o)

On the way home from church tonight, Sweet Pea kept saying, "Hi to my new baby brother" and "Guess what J. Your 'dopted forever." Seriously, I bet she said those two phrases at least 15 times...music to my ears!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hookie...Day 62

My girl played "hookie" again today...
...the combination of the last few months of preschool and the awesome weather just make it SO hard to send her to school! We enjoyed a morning of shopping and running errands together. Little Pumpkin is such a sweet, happy, helpful little girl. I just LOVE spending time with her. Before heading back to church to pick up Baby Boy and Sweet Pea, she picked some daffodil from the backyard to take to her teachers.
I am just LOVING all of the beautiful flowers that are popping up in the yard! When we got home this afternoon, all of the little kiddos made bagel bird feeders to hang outside.
Such a fun, super easy, practical "craft!" We made them two years ago...seems like yesterday!

You know you've had a fun, full day when your sweet five year old falls asleep right after supper!

We received some good news regarding Baby Boy's case today...hopefully I will be able to share with you in a couple weeks!! :o)