Friday, March 16, 2012

Introducing our Son...

As you know, I decided awhile back not to use the kids' real names on the blog, but for this special occasion I couldn't resist :o)

Introducing Jonah Henderson Arnold...
No longer a foster child, simply OUR child for now and forever more.

In case you missed our court pictures, you can see them here. Such a happy, happy day!!!!!

When we chose our two younger daughters' names, we chose to keep part of their birth names. With Baby Boy, that was not an option...for obvious reasons :o( So, we decided the next best thing would be to give him a name from each side of his forever family. Of course, Arnold from his father's side and Henderson from my side.

We had a busy chore day around the house today...LOTS (and LOTS and LOTS) of laundry, cleaning and a trip to the grocery store. As busy as we were, I did make it a point to fit in some March Madness for Baby Boy :o)
Something tells me that the month of March will involve more than the daffodil festival and spring break in the future :o

Sunshine's school had a rare "free dress" day today. The school usually have a strict dress code. I wish her school didn't have a dress code...I HATE uniforms!
Her class took a field trip to see the daffodils this afternoon. She said she "had a blast running around like crazy!" I totally believe her :o)
She just LOVES life. I hope she always does :o)

And since sister got to choose her clothes for today, the littles did too :o) I thought Sweet Pea's outfit was so fitting to her personality. My sweet little cheerleader at the grocery store :o)

As I was going through Sunshine's backpack, I found this assignment...
She cracks me up!

We got Redbox movies for tonight. Marilyn for us and Puss and Boots (again) for the kids. Have a great night!


Willis said...

Congratulations! Your family has really grown. What a blessing!


The Busters said...

CONGRATS! Very happy for your family. Baby boy is simply adorable!

Emily said...

Precious! Congratulations on the new "forever" addition to your family.

Marianne said...

Handsome, handsome little man!!! Congratulations and best wishes for many years of happiness with your little sportsman!