Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No More Heart Stickers!!!

This afternoon we went to court to officially make baby boy a permanent member of our family. Whoo hoo! And that means, no more heart stickers on his pictures :o) Yay!

This morning started out with some sweetness courtesy of Sunshine. She brought me a letter to "the judge" she wrote last night after she went to bed :o)
I mean, how sweet is that? She is such a great big sister. I am looking forward to letting Baby Boy read it one day!

We were all very excited that the day to adopt baby boy had finally arrived. The girls talked about it all morning and kept asking if it was "time to go 'dopt' J yet." Both sets of baby boy's grandparents came up for the hearing along with two of his cousins...
The hearing was short and sweet. Hubby and I both "testified" on the stand, along with baby boy :o) Yep, he kinda liked the microphone :o) All in all, the hearing lasted about 10 minutes. We were so thankful it ended with the judge declaring baby boy our son FOREVER!!!
IMG_3744And yes, he is holding the gravel :o)

Today we became a family a SIX...although we have been for 2+ years :o)

After the hearing, we celebrated with yummy yogurt with lots of yummy toppings :o)

On the way home from church tonight, Sweet Pea kept saying, "Hi to my new baby brother" and "Guess what J. Your 'dopted forever." Seriously, I bet she said those two phrases at least 15 to my ears!


Renee said...

I seriously can not stop crying! It wasn't that long ago when I felt that rush of relief when Elijah was declared a Moak forever...and of course...the others before him. ;) I just can not IMAGINE a greater joy in life for a Momma! Congratulations Arnold Family!!!!

Karen Cleveland said...

This is so awesome! I do not know the whole story, but I do know that I have often prayed for baby J to be a forever member of your family! This past week (since you have not posted) I was hoping and praying that this was why! So happy for you and your wonderful family of 6!!

The Garners said...

Amy--I'm crying! SO THRILLED to hear this sweet sweet news! What a day to celebrate! Congratulations!

Marianne said...

Awesome! I loved HA's letter to the judge! What sweet big sisters this special little boy has. Congratulations! You and your husband are doing a fantastic job raising your children.

Ashleigh said...

Tears, tears, tears...of the best kind. So happy for your beautiful family! God brings beautiful things from the hardest of situations. He is so good.

The Mrs. said...

Not sure if I have commented before- but I love reading your blog! We have our own Ethiopian sweetie so I probably found your blog on a Gladney list :-) So happy that Jonah is yours forever! What a gift!

Jason and Erin said...

I am SO EXCITED for you guys! And I am SO EXCITED to see that beautiful face, completely! Congratulations to you all! You are ALL very very BLESSED and, yes, LUCKY!

Leveta said...

That is SO SO wonderful! So hapy for you all.Such a precious note from big sister.How culd any judge not say yes to that. Congratulations!

Emy said...

Yea, so excited for all of you! Congratulations!!! And now you have to tell us his middle name! ;o)

Tina said...

I don't get to logon and check your blog often so I just now saw this post. I'm so tickled for your family. A big congrats to your family!

Tina mom to Alex from Ninh Thuan.