Monday, April 9, 2012

Superkid 2012

Little Pumpkin attends the sweetest preschool program at our church. I just LOVE it! The class is very small so the teachers are able to tune into each child's personaility and little spirit...exactly what my sweetie needed this year!

One of my favorite things they do is "Superkids." When the child is the superkid of the week, they get to be the line leader, sit in the "special" chair, bring pictures and a special show and tell.

It seems like just yesterday it was Sunshine sitting in that same chair talking about her poster!
Little Pumpkin did just a great job talking about her favorite and telling her friends about each of the pictures she chose to take...including the one of her birthmother and sister. I was SOOOOO proud of her!

Sweet Noah's Kids friends!

I could not ask for better teachers! We are so blessed!

Her show and tell..."old school" Mickey Mouse.

Little Pumpkin's Superkid poster...

So thankful for my superkid!!!!!

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