Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Preschool Field Day...

Little Pumpkin's preschool class had field day last week and they invited Sweet Pea's class to join them!!  How sweet!

My girl has some mad jumping skills!

And kicking skills :o)

So does sister...even with her pretty, white sandals :o)

I have to include this picture of Mr. G and Little Pumpkin. He is one of the three year old teachers on Monday and Thursday and also teaches bible study with me on Tuesdays.  Little Pumpkin had him three days a week last year and one day a week this year.  Y'all, she LOVES this man.  LOVES. If you know Little Pumpkin, you know she is slow to let you in, but once you're in, your golden :o) Mr. G is definitely "in."  She lights up when she sees him and is his constant little companion.  She always makes a point to stop by his class each day when I pick her up from preschool.  She sure is going to miss him next year!!!

What a fun morning!

Two days in a row...I'm on a blogging roll...haha!  Hopefully I will be able to catch up soon :o)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Little Pumpkin Graduates From Pre-K...

The last month has been so busy...and wonderful :o) I am so blessed to spend life with my four precious (nutty, busy, loud) children.

Last week, we celebrated a milestone in Little Pumpkin's life...preschool graduation. Totally cliché, but is really does seem like just yesterday I was talking these pictures to commemorate her FIRST day of preschool!
She looks so much older to me!!


I know I have said this a million times, but the preschool program at our church ROCKS! The teachers are AMAZING. They have been so good with Little Pumpkin this year!

 The class size is super small (eight kids to two teachers) and most of the kids have all known each other since they were babies :o) I just LOVE it! The graduating kids walked into the chapel to the graduation march...soooooo precious! The kids sang a few songs and demonstrated their mad Spanish skills :o) My favorite part was when each of the kids quoted a bible verse they memorized...there is nothing better than hearing your child commit the word of God to their heart. Little Pumpkin's verse was Collisions 3:20 (Children obey your parents)...pretty great verse :o) Ha! We also LOVE our preschool director too...that is her in the green shirt, along with our preacher and the class of 2012! IMG_4947
 She was so proud to receive her diploma from Pastor Gary :o) IMG_4973
It's official :o)
 She also received the "eager reader" award :o)

I am SO THANKFUL she has such sweet church friends! IMG_4983 IMG_4996 IMG_4999 IMG_5001

Ganny and Papa Texarkana came to town for the graduation, but unfortunately Ganny was feeling bad and they didn't make it to the ceremony :o( Luckily, Little Pumpkin was able to see them for a few minutes before the graduation :o) Little Pumpkin was so excited that Mimi was able to be there! IMG_4989
 Little Pumpkin and her Daddy...aren't they they cutest?
 Baby sister and brother were napping in the nursery upstairs and they were both excited to see big sister all dressed up when we picked them up! IMG_5004

 After graduation, we picked up Sunshine from school a bit early and came home to celebrate a little bit more! IMG_5006
I just LOVE this sweet gift Sunshine made for her sister... IMG_5008
She made it all by herself! She wrote bible verses she felt would be encouraging for the new graduate! IMG_5009
Yummy treats!

Thankful for such a GREAT year of preschool!!!
2012 Noah's Kids

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I remember it like it was yesterday...riding the bus through the gate of Little Pumpkin's orphanage. It was a hot, humid morning...May 15, 2007. Our first visit was two days before when we met her, the second visit was the day before when I cried because we had to leave her, but today...this was THE day we picked her up in our arms and drove away from the orphanage WITH her.

The orphanage where she lived was poor, but there was love within those walls. I knew her outfit, although not new or fancy, was picked with care...red, white and blue overalls with USA on the straps. How perfect!

If you have been following this blog for long, you know it is a tradition to squeeze Little Pumpkin in those overalls each year in her Forever Family Day :o)

Oh how I LOVE looking back at these pictures!!!

May 15 2007May 15 2008May 15 2009May 15 2010May 15 2011May 15 2012

What an incredible blessing. IMG_4841

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Trip to CA...Part One...

We celebrated TEN years of marriage this month! To celebrate, we took a trip to CA!

Neither one of us had ever been to CA before so it was extra exciting to explore a new place. We decided to take the two older kids with us (when you are use to having four kids around, taking two feels like a vacation!). We chose the two older girls so we wouldn't have the hassle of car seats and the thought of having a week free of changing diapers sounded heavenly :o)

Mimi and Papa Paragould were in town the day for Grandparent's Day at Sunshine's school the day before we left so they took the littles back to Northeast AR with them. Honestly, I think the littles had just as much fun staying with their grandparents as they would have with us! IMG_4354

It was the girls first time to ride on an airplane since our Vietnam trip...they were EXCITED! IMG_4744

 We spent the first part of our week in San Diego. The girls were thrilled our hotel was on the beach (they both LOVE the beach, just like their Mama!)...even though it was WAY too cold to get in the water! They were playing in the sand within minutes of checking into the hotel! Little Pumkin, wearing her "wings" she got from the stewardess :o)
In heaven!
 We loved how our little "bungelow" had a grassy area AND sand for the girls to enjoy! Perfect!IMG_4399

 As I mentioned before, it was MUCH cooler than we had expected, but the girls were determined to swim :o) Luckily, the pool was heated...it was still too cold for me! IMG_4408

Around mid day, I finally coaxed them out of the pool and we went exploring! The place we stayed had lots of fun trails and BEAUTIFUL landscaping (and lily pads)! IMG_4412
These flowers (called bird of paradise) were everywhere...SO cool! IMG_4413
Our hotel is on an island and there is a cool tower to climb so you could see the entire island... IMG_4416
...it was all fun and games until Little Pumpkin stuck her flip flop through the iron slats and we all watched her shoe (her only beach and pool shoes) fall into the lake. Guess who had to walk around the rest of the day with only one shoe?

Each morning, these two ducks came and looked through the glass door at us :o) The girls had a blast dancing with them and running from them when they got too close :o) A couple times the ducks came right into the room when we left the door cracked! IMG_4425

We spent our second day at SeaWorld!
It seems like just yesterday, Little Pumpkin would FREAK out anytime she saw a "character." She has come a LONG way!
  IMG_4438 IMG_4439

We were SO excited to be visiting CA the exact same week our good friends were also visiting (they live in Conway and have two boys from Vietnam!). It was so fun to do SeaWorld with friends!!! IMG_4441 IMG_4446
Checking out the sea lions!
They were so LOUD...reminded me of Baby Boy...made me miss him! ha! IMG_4450
We loved the sea lion show! IMG_4456
...and the 4D Elmo show :o)
...and seeing...
...and petting the dolphins! IMG_4465
This was our first time to see the Shamu show since the tragic accident that killed the SeaWorld trainer a few years ago. The trainers no longer swim with the whales. IMG_4477
The show was great, of course...just not as exciting as it used to be. IMG_4475
When you have the chance to eat a whale-shaped ice cream, you better take it!


 I laughed so hard when Little Pumpkin told Elmo, "I'm gonna stick with you because Telly makes me nervous." Ha! LOVE that girl!
I think my two girls are the only kids that brought their swimsuits :o) To my defense, it was HOT when we left AR and I thought it was suppose to be in the 70s while we were in CA...the girls just couldn't bear the thought of not playing in the water at SeaWorld! IMG_4494
I am happy to report, no one got sick and the girls made some awesome memories (and they had the splash zone pretty much to themselves!) :o)
  IMG_4498 IMG_4499 IMG_4501 IMG_4503
Super fun day!

 I'll try to post more of the trip later! Gotta get to my nightly bible reading :o)