Monday, May 28, 2012

Little Pumpkin Graduates From Pre-K...

The last month has been so busy...and wonderful :o) I am so blessed to spend life with my four precious (nutty, busy, loud) children.

Last week, we celebrated a milestone in Little Pumpkin's life...preschool graduation. Totally cliché, but is really does seem like just yesterday I was talking these pictures to commemorate her FIRST day of preschool!
She looks so much older to me!!


I know I have said this a million times, but the preschool program at our church ROCKS! The teachers are AMAZING. They have been so good with Little Pumpkin this year!

 The class size is super small (eight kids to two teachers) and most of the kids have all known each other since they were babies :o) I just LOVE it! The graduating kids walked into the chapel to the graduation march...soooooo precious! The kids sang a few songs and demonstrated their mad Spanish skills :o) My favorite part was when each of the kids quoted a bible verse they memorized...there is nothing better than hearing your child commit the word of God to their heart. Little Pumpkin's verse was Collisions 3:20 (Children obey your parents)...pretty great verse :o) Ha! We also LOVE our preschool director too...that is her in the green shirt, along with our preacher and the class of 2012! IMG_4947
 She was so proud to receive her diploma from Pastor Gary :o) IMG_4973
It's official :o)
 She also received the "eager reader" award :o)

I am SO THANKFUL she has such sweet church friends! IMG_4983 IMG_4996 IMG_4999 IMG_5001

Ganny and Papa Texarkana came to town for the graduation, but unfortunately Ganny was feeling bad and they didn't make it to the ceremony :o( Luckily, Little Pumpkin was able to see them for a few minutes before the graduation :o) Little Pumpkin was so excited that Mimi was able to be there! IMG_4989
 Little Pumpkin and her Daddy...aren't they they cutest?
 Baby sister and brother were napping in the nursery upstairs and they were both excited to see big sister all dressed up when we picked them up! IMG_5004

 After graduation, we picked up Sunshine from school a bit early and came home to celebrate a little bit more! IMG_5006
I just LOVE this sweet gift Sunshine made for her sister... IMG_5008
She made it all by herself! She wrote bible verses she felt would be encouraging for the new graduate! IMG_5009
Yummy treats!

Thankful for such a GREAT year of preschool!!!
2012 Noah's Kids

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