Sunday, June 3, 2012

Little Dancers...2012 Dance Recital

The big girls had their end of the year dance recital today.  They were both super excited and did a great job!

 Tiny little dancer, ready to go...

Needless to say, they LOVED wearing "stage makeup!" IMG_5072

We weren't allowed to video the performance! But we bought a dvd of the show....can't wait to get it!!! Luckily, I took some video on my camera yesterday at rehearsal.  The theme of the show is "Calendar Girls."  The dance numbers progressed through the months of the year. Very cute!

They started with January...brrrr!   My little Sunshine as a snowflake in "Let it Snow."
She's the third from the right :o)

My sweet little Tulip :o)

Here comes the bride!  Sunshine dancing to "Going to the Chapel"

After the show...y'all, these are the days :o) I wish they could stay little forever!


I am so thankful for my little girls (and their sweet daddy!). IMG_5082

The little dancers!

Their cousins (and brother and sister) came to the show to cheer them on!

Sunshine and her cousin A, best buddies! IMG_5099

 I have to give props to my little man who sat quietly throughout the entire 3.5 hour recital...what a little rockstar! Here he is at Cheddar's enjoying a little chocolate truffle...well deserved! jonahjune2012

 After dinner, the girls went back to NE Arkansas with their grandparents so they can attend church camp with their cousings this week. I miss them soooooo much's going to be a long couple of days! IMG_5068