Sunday, September 2, 2012

What's Your Name?

We attended an open house a few days before school started. I met the girls' teachers and dropped off their school supplies. Sunshine thought it was so funny that her teacher had her name as 'middle name, last name' on her desk and folder (she goes by her first and middle name). Anyways we talked to her teacher and explained she goes by her first and middle name (I have no idea why her middle name was on her desk, etc.)


So the first day of school rolls around and I pick her up from school and she can't wait to tell me how her teacher called her 'middle name, first name' I said, "Why didn't you tell her she was calling you the wrong name? Were you nervous to correct her?" She said, "No, it was just way too funny and I wanted to wait and see if she figured it out."


After convincing her that there was really no way her teacher would "figure it out." She agreed to tell her the next day. She said, "Well, my second day sure won't be as funny as my first day."

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Mom of 7 said...

She is So funny!!! Love it!