Monday, October 22, 2012

Almost Six..

I am not sure how it is possible, but my baby girl will turn six this week!  My BABY!


Since Little Pumpkin's birthday falls on a school/church day, we started the celebration early this year :o) She was so excited to wake up to find birthday presents waiting for her at the breakfast table! photo

Sunshine put a lot of thought into her sister's present this year, but she didn't stop there! She MADE the wrapping paper and made her two of the SWEETEST cards ever! She is such a good big sister! photo2

Little Pumpkin was super stoked about her new Dream Lite penguin pillow pet... photo10

Have you seen these? They are pretty cool. It is about between the size of the regular sized pillow pet and the small pillow pet. When you press a button, different colored lights shine through the star and penguin shapes and projects on the wall/ceiling/your sister :o)

The Paragould grandparents met us at church and afterwards we went to eat at McAlisters. IMG_0078

After lunch, the big girls headed to Buid a Bear.  My kids have a huge fascination with Build a Bear.
 They cannot get enough!

It is getting a bit ridiculous if you ask me :o) Ha! photo3

Our family is BIG fans of the movie Despicable Me. I knew Little Pumpkin would LOVE these Minion cupcakes!


She was so excited when she saw them!

Baby Boy :o) He is at a very challenging age, but gosh, he is such a sweetie! I LOVE his big brown eyes!


We had a super fun day celebrating Little Pumpkin with family! photo5

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Ande Malinowski said...

Why oh why is baby boy so big!?