Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disney Surprise!

We decided to keep Disneyland a secret when we went to California. When we left the hotel that morning and headed to breakfast, we told the girls we might find a park to play at while "running errands." You know how much kids like to hear the day's plan is to "run errands." Haha!

I cannot tell you how excited they were when we pulled into the gates of Disney! They went CRAZY! Sooooooo worth the difficult task of keeping that secret for a month!

Hanging out in Pixie Hallow!

That Vidia...she's a stinker! IMG_4680


It's a small world...so true :o)

Dancing at the coronation :o) LOVE! IMG_4690

Happy baby, happy daddy
! IMG_4696

Happy baby, happy mommy! IMG_4697

Sweet Pumpkin is a BIG fan of Mickey Mouse...specifically "old school Mickey Mouse." She flipped out when she walked in and saw "old school Mickey Mouse!" She was so excited! IMG_4706

A much different reaction than she had a couple years ago... Mickey made Le very nervous!

The lighting at Minnie's house was so much better! Ha! IMG_4709

Hanging out in Minnie's kitchen... IMG_4713

French Quarter...

Queen of Hearts...

Parade time!


Sweet, sweet, sweet!

"So what do you do for a living?" "I am a mermaid and I ride around on a float." IMG_4736

Sweet sisters, sweet memories!

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