Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friends of Fanose: The Well is Complete!

While we were in Ethiopia picking up our youngest daughter Julianne Fanose, we saw first hand the struggles endured by people living without access to fresh drinking water. We saw children...very, very young children carrying water jugs for miles. They did not have the luxury of being able to turn on a faucet in their kitchen to get a drink of clean water. It is unbelievable to think these kids are the lucky ones...at least they had access to clean water.

More than a billion people living in OUR world do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. I don't know about you, but it is hard to imagine children gathering water from muggy, germ infested puddles. It breaks.my.heart.

We decided to team up with Charity: Water and our friends, family and blog friends to raise money to build a well in Africa! We named the campaign in honor of our youngest daughter, Friends of Fanose. We were overwhelmed by the support! After a few months of fundraising, the campaign was fully funded!!!!!! $5,070!!!

I received the AWESOME news today that the Friends of Fanose well was completed this month!!!! Whoo hoo! Here it is...

Kidana Hahawty Village 1

The well was HAND DUG in the Tigray region of Ethiopia! It cost $4400 to complete. Kidana Hahawty Village 3

It provides water to a community of 250 people!!!!!!! Kidana Hahawty Village 4

250 people that used to hike two hours to gather unclean water each day. Water that we would never dream of drinking, bathing in or probably even letting our kids splash around in. The people living in the area were only able to gather around 5 liters a day. That small amount of water was used for drinking, bathing, cooking and everything else. Kidana Hahawty Village 5

The water wasn't safe to drink and often made people sick. The people living in the area (Kidana/Hahawty Village) now travel a maximum of 15 minutes to gather water each day!!!! I don't know about you, but that makes me sooooo happy! Can you imagine the difference that will make in their lives?
  Kidana Hahawty Village 6

Thanks to you, the village now has access to clean and safe drinking water. They've also been trained by local Charity: Water partners on safe hygiene practices and basic maintenance of their water project. Each family using the new water source contributed between $0.03 and $0.06 toward their project's construction; that's a small fee, but one that helps instill a sense of personal ownership for the project. Each family will continue to pay between $0.03 and $0.06 per month to use the water; the community will save this money for any necessary maintenance or repairs.

We were honored and humbled to dedicate the well in memory of our daughter's Ethiopian parents and in honor of her Ethiopian uncle. Kidana Hahawty Village 2

And if that wasn't AWESOME enough, there was some money left over from the Friends of Fanose well fund!! Those funds were pooled together with a few other campaigns and another well was built!!!! Here is a glimpse of that well... Adikulkal Village 4

I will share some more very interesting info about that well later this week!

Blessed be the name of the Lord!


Lisa said...

That brings tears of joy to my eyes! Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to participate in this awesome undertaking. What a beautiful tribute to your Ethiopian family members!

Marianne said...

What a joy to have been a very small participant in such an amazing project!!! Thank you for giving us this opportunity and thank you so much for this update!! To God be the glory!