Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Fun...

We skipped on baths last night so the kids had to take them this morning before church. Since Sunday mornings have time constraints, I decided to try a new {less time demanding} option for Sweet Pea's hair. Her hair is definitely {larger} than usual, but I think it looks so cute!


Although, I think she could probably rock any hair do :o) I snapped this picture after lunch... IMG_0115

I LOVE how they are all holding hands/arms with each other. I pray they are always close!! This afternoon, we went to a Fall carnival at church. The kids were super pumped to get to wear their new Halloween costumes!


The big girls decided to wear backup costumes to the carnival since they would be able to play easier in the backup costumes than their "real costumes" :o) IMG_5801

I feel like my big girl is growing up quickly these days. She is eight years old. Tough on a this mama! IMG_5802

She was super excited about the magic show and she was THRILLED to get picked to help out with a trick!


She LOVES magic. Remember her first grade talent show? It seems like just yesterday, I videoed her practicing for her show :o)

Did I mention they are growing up too fast already?

It amazes me how something as simple as a flower or rainbow on their face can be so exciting! LOVE it!



Btw, if you happen to see Sweet Pea during this Halloween season, she is a cupcake. Not a double scoop of ice cream. Cupcake. Thanks. Ha!

Me and my sweet little rocket... IMG_5820

These are the days! I wish they could stay little forever! IMG_5824



The girls squabble and bicker with each other, but when it comes to Baby Boy, they all think he hung the moon!


Hula Hoop queen!


If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you probably know Sunshine ALWAYS wins the cakewalk. ALWAYS. Since she was two. EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR. She will quickly tell you "cake walks are her thing." Ha!

I have to admit, I get a little nervous each year that her streak may end. It is really important to her. The first winner was little sister Sweet Pea...


Luckily even little prayers get answered because Sunshine won next :o) Whew! We are good for another year :o)


A fun time had by all!


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Marianne said...

How precious! It looks like little sister is getting taller than little Pumpkin!?? How's that working?!