Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Fun...

What a fun time of the year.  A fun, BUSY time of the year! 

Yesterday, Sweet Pea's preschool class had a Halloween party.  Sweet Pea and her friends looked so sweet dressed up in their costumes :o)


This pretty much sums up how Sweet Pea feels about preschool, her class and her friends. She is so happy to go and as soon as we leave, she says she can't wait to go back. I LOVE it! photo2

She feels the same way about her dance class. She looks forward to Mondays all week because she gets to go to preschool AND dance :o)


This week is Red Ribbon week at the big girls' school. Yesterday was team apparel day... photo7

Little Pumpkin was so excited to win the "best spirit" award for her class!

Today was pajama day or as Sunshine likes to call it, "the best school day of the year." That girl is all about comfort!


I don't think I've blogged about it before, but the big girls are taking swim this year. We started the year with them going at the same time, same day, twice a week. Doable. However, this month Sunshine moved up to a new swim level and her classes are on the other two days of the week. Yep, FOUR nights a week at the pool for us this month. Not cool! She had class last night, but she doesn't know it was her last class until January. I just cannot imagine spending four nights a week at the pool during the holiday season. It's just too much! photo6

I still plan to take them to the pool since we have a membership so they can practice, but I don't want to be tied down to being there so much!

Sweet hubby took off work today since he has been working out of town so much lately and we went shopping for a surprise Halloween party for the kids while they were at school/MDO! photo3

They were SO excited when they got home from school! I LOVE surprising them!! photo4

I just had to share this picture, even though it is blurry... photo5

Sweet baby boy does NOT like "scary" Halloween stuff...at all! He gets nervous in the store when we get close to the Halloween section. He quickly points out "scary" stuff and says, "I don't like that. It's fake. I don't like fake. Fake scares me." I didn't think about it and we put out all kinds of candy on the table for the kids to eat while they did their Halloween crafts. Some of the candy was body parts. Ewwwww! When Baby Boy saw it, he freaked. It was SO SWEET to see how quickly his sisters rushed to comfort him. Sweet baby. Sweet sisters.

He recovered quickly and wanted me to take a picture of his craft :o) LOVE that boy!


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