Monday, October 29, 2012

Hornet Spirit...

We moved over the summer to a smaller town just south of Little Rock. We really wanted a good, public school for the girls. We are so thankful they are having an awesome year and we LOVE their new school!  Another benefit we have found living in a small town is the "hometown spirit" that is pretty much non-existent in a town the size of Little Rock with so many different high schools.

The girls (and boy) have definitely caught the "hornet spirit!" We have enjoyed going to several football games this season!!  Our favorite game was the game the girls got to cheer with the pee wee cheer team :o)

Sunshine has done pee wee cheer several times in the past at her old school, but this was Little Pumpkin's first time.  They LOVED going to practice together!!


I was amazed at how well the high school cheerleaders did the little girls!! There was probably at least 100 little girls cheering that night! Can you spot my girls? IMG_5607

They did three cheers and a dance! IMG_5612

It was a hot, hot, fun night.

How cute are the Hornet;s sneakers?

It seems like just yesterday my sweet Little Pumpkin would have freaked being that close to a huge bug :o) She is growing up!!

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