Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little Pumpkin is SIX!! The Birthday Fun Continues...

My sweet little pumpkin turned SIX today!


My other kiddos request donuts for their breakfast, not my little pumpkin! Fruit bowl with a candle, please :o)


I have never had to send any of my babies to school on their birthday, until today! I would have LOVED to keep her home with me, but I knew she'd have a great time at school with her friends today. Ganny and PaPa Texarkana came to town for her birthday today and Ganny went with me to eat lunch with her at school. When we met her for lunch, she was beyond wound up! Ha! Daddy met us there too! She LOVED all the attention! photo15

I think that child could eat her weight in fruits and veggies! photo14

After school, we had birthday cake and she opened more presents! photo11

{The girls were made the cake yesterday after school :o) I think they did a great job!!}

I am not sure she will ever take off her new cowgirl boots! photo13

For her birthday supper she requested Chinese takeout :o) You can take the girl out of Asia, but you can't take the Asian out of the girl :o) I LOVE it!!!

After supper we came back home for more presents and game night :o)

I wasn't with her when she was born this day six years ago and I will never take for granted the incredible blessing it is that I get to spend her birthdays with her now!

Happy Birthday to my Vietnamses princess!!!!! My dream come true.

{This is the earliest picture I have of my baby girl. It wastaken by another family while they were picking her their child in Little Pumpkin's orphanage in Vietnam.}

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