Friday, October 12, 2012

Traveling Down the Coast of California!

Back to our California trip :o) We had a super fun time in San Diego, SeaWorld and spending our mornings at the beach was wonderful!!!

Kinda random, but I forgot to share this... IMG_4590 ...even the golf carts were fun at the resort! So, we left San Diego and headed down the coast toward our next secret destinations...shhh, it's Disneyland! We decided to make a day of it and we had so much fun! Laguna Beach was AWESOME! A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Like I could have stayed there forever...if I won the lottery...and it would have to be a HUGE jackpot...ha! IMG_4612

Me and my sweetie...this was our 10 year anniversary trip :o)

Next stop...Huntington Beach, CA!!! There is a charity that we love called, "Giving it Back to Kids". I blogged about it here. The founders of the organization, Robert & Dorothea Kalatschan, have a pizza joint in Huntington Beach so we stopped in for lunch. It was YUMMY! IMG_4621

Next stop...Hollywood! Hollywood Boulevard was quite an experience! IMG_4657

Hollywood sign!

I guess the rest of the Hollywood pictures are on my old phone...bummer! Needless to say, there were lots of "characters" out and about in Hollywood :o)

Next we cruised around Beverly Hills! Super fancy! According to the internet, this is the gate to Jennifer Aniston's house :o) IMG_4665

So cool!

Rodeo Drive...


Famous Beverly Hills Hotel... IMG_4672

Next stop...a surprise visit to Disneyland!!!

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Marianne said...

Wow! What a neat 10 year celebration! Congratulations!