Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breakfast with Santa...

We kicked off the Christmas Season with breakfast with Santa at the big girls' school.  Before the headed over to the school (which is only three minutes away...have I mentioned how nice small town living is???), we had a little photo shoot :o)

reindeer shirt pictures

I think this is the first year ALL of the kids were happy to see Santa. That sure does make things much more enjoyable for all :o)


However, I gotta admit, I kinda like the "Santa freak out" pictures :o)


Oh, the memories! Look at tiny, sweet little baby boy under the Christmas tree! He was only weeks old! The thing that cracks me up about that pictures is Santa is the Dad is a family friend :o) He has four kids, the same ages as our four kids so my little girls know him and they still freaked out. Haha! So fun looking back at old pictures!

Now, where were we? Oh, yea...Santa! When we were done, Santa said, "Is she really six?" He was asking about Little Pumpkin. I said, "Yes." And he said, "Wow! She talks big, but I would have guessed she was four, maybe five." We do our best to keep her little :o)


The kids talked Santa's ear off this year!


Baby Boy asked for Spiderman! IMG_5904

Breakfast was a donut and fruit buffet...the kids were in heaven!!



Fun morning!


Followed up by a fun afternoon hunting for this year's Christmas tree...more to come :o)

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