Monday, December 3, 2012

Where would you go?

This week, Little Pumpkin's class is studying transportation. 

They talked about their favorite mode of transportation. Foot, car, van, bicycle or plane. Little Pumpkin chose bicycle.  A little surprising since we hasn't ridden a bike in over a year. Ha! 

They wrote a letter and sent it in the mail.  She was really excited about this one :o) She couldn't wait for the letter to arrive at the house, but wouldn't tell us the recipient of the letter.  I couldn't help but cracking up when I pulled a letter out of the mailbox addressed to "Brother Arnold." Hahaha!

We were walking through the hall of her school a couple days ago and I saw a cute little display outside her classroom, "Where would you go?" Apparently, the teacher asked each child where they would like to go if they could go anywhere. 

My sweet little pumpkin chose Vietnam. 


Because she would like to see her nanny!!!!! How sweet is that? We are VERY open about her adoption and encourage her to talk about anything she wants. We call her birthmother by name and knows everything about her story, but she hasn't talked about Vietnam, adoption or her nanny in quite awhile. That's why I was so surprised (and happy) she chose Vietnam :o) I always want her to be proud of where she comes from and have an appreciation for the ladies who took care of her while she lived in the orphanage.

  **I did panic a little when I read the paper and it said she wanted to see her nana in Vietnam because I had no idea who that would be :o) Ha! She corrected me and said, "Not nana, Mama! Nanny. I want to see my nanny." Ha!

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